TSio Protocol: Unifying Transport with Interoperable Mobility Accounts

Today, the current mobility industry is fragmented and siloed, with travellers using different booking and payment systems across varied modes of transport.

There is little interoperability between modes of transport, across borders or between competing transport service providers, and none are incentivised to act collectively for the consumer of transport services, you and I.

The TSio Protocol will provide fair and open market access with smart contract mechanisms in order to enforce agreements between the travelling consumer and transport provider.” – Si Ho (Founder of TSio Protocol and Chair of TravelSpirit Foundation)

Our blockchain protocol will solve the problem of interoperability and international roaming across the world’s fragmented transport system, by creating uniformity at a “mobility account” level.

The TSio token will unify an eco-system of mobility products and services, while empowering customers to use and manage their travel data across multiple apps and transport services.

Blockchain, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies are now stepping towards a level of maturity ready to offer the transport industry, in combination with existing Web technologies, a universal, secure and scalable platform.” Sir Nic Cary  (Chair of TravelSpirit UK)

Our ambition is to unify the whole transportation landscape – automotive, airlines, public transit and the growing number of sharing-economy platforms, such as Uber, Didi, Ofo and Mobike, to name a few.

Without efficient, secure and convenient universal interoperability, that can provide transport consumers a single mobility account, we believe the integrated transport market opportunity is unlikely to reach what should be its full potential.” Justin Coetzee (CEO – GoMetro)

For more information visit the TSio Protocol website.