Within a wider economic context of increasing automation, digitisation and the rise of artificial intelligence there is a strong desire across many organisations to embrace “Digital” and Digital Leadership, by taking a leadership role in the implementation of new technologies. At the same time, there seems confusion between crypto-currencies which utilise Blockchain technology, and the technology itself.

With our commitment to experiential interventions, we are creating a participative, interactive learning workshop format which allows participants to understand how blockchain works at a conceptual level and at the same time explore the potential to lead the use of blockchain technology in their own organisations / industries.

Our senior leadership intervention is aimed at forward-thinking clients that have an interest in utilising a new learning offer which addresses the interplay between potential Blockchain applications and leading change in their organisations.

By incorporating our offer into your wider leadership development programme, you will get the opportunity to get up to speed with what Blockchain is, in a highly accessible and participative way, and be part of an exciting new learning intervention approach for a educating senior leaders on the opportunities that complex and disruptive technologies present.